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Translational Research in Anxiety, Cognition & Emotion

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Via our research we aim to better understand how biases in cognitive processes contribute to the development and maintenance of emotional psychopathology, including their neural, physiological, and behavioural underpinnings.
To do so, we assess and modify cognitive biases, using a variety of outcome assessments (e.g., cognitive, behavioural, subjective). Our research uses both rigorous experimental and clinical studies and aims to bridge the gap between the two via systematic translational research. In our studies, we use a wide range of methods and research techniques, including reaction time paradigms, behavioural tasks, questionnaires, EEG, and physiology (e.g., heart rate variability, skin conductance).
Overall, we aim to test and refine theoretical models of emotional psychopathology, and to better understand and improve their treatment.

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